Brain Prosthetics – Singular Savant

Conceptual Work about neuro enhancement and machine

The research started in robotics, technology and film. Inspired by a distopian outline the focus of brain and growing was connected by “generative”.

Every person is unique, every generated form is unique.
the generative concept: hotspots in green (regions to be trained), hotspots in magenta (regions therefore to be blocked through magnetism) and the resulting form

The structure growing around the magnets.


Connecting different regions of the brain it is controling contious and uncontious abilities of human. This is strengthening connections by adding material.
Singularsavant helps the brain from outside. The form is generated through defining required regions. Through light magnetism the brain is temporary helped improving capacities and abilities.

Ewald Neuhofer
Portraits by Gregor Hofbauer / Model Faina Willenig / Silvercast Model 2
Ewald Neuhofer

What is it?

Done in 2008 Singularsavant is a try to depict the man-machine interaction in the near future. It is helping to use the capacities of the human brain like savants. It is enhancing the capacities of the human brain, helping people to use uncontious abilities and can be used in medical therapy.

How does it work?

The theory of Alan Snyder, Director of Centre for the Mind University of Sydney says, that every human brain has savant like capacities, and through light magnetism you can help people to experience these abilities.
Through experiencing this, the brain learns these abilitys ( to draw better, memorize better or better mathematic abilities ) because learning means materializing.

Ewald Neuhofer


The formal concept is generativity and uniqueness. Every person is unique so every “Singularsavant” must be the outcome of the persons parameters.
Defining the regions creates the form, so everybody can choose which abilities need to be enhanced, or in case of medical therapy, the doctor will define these regions for the person. So every person has it´s singular savant, technology in form of a personalized jewelery.

Ewald Neuhofer
Singular Savant / mould with 0.1mm thickness in meshstructure


This Project to me is a concept done to ask questions about how and how deep we will interact with technology in our daily life.

Using digital tools makes us do things we couldn´t do without them. Do we get smarter by using smarter tools? Does the cloud give us freedom or addiction? Will we ever get completly digital?
Arent we digital savants already?

3d Printshow (London – England), Singular Savant – Brain Prosthetics (Business Design Center – London)
published & discussed
„A Fine Line: How Design Strategies are Shaping the Future of Business“ – Jossey Bass 2009
Singular Savant featured on “Say it with Silence” –

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