Ewald Neuhofer | Industrial Design


Ewald Neuhofer

Doing Things.
Care about Questions.

Interdisciplinary design with a strong passion in public transport and creating things that last.

Research, Ideation, Productdesign, Technology and Softwaredesign are part of a holistic working process. Working with a vital network enables strong experience in all disciplines.

Since 2016 working in collaboration with indicate.digital – Tanja Tomic. Started collaboration with Siemens Urban Mobility in 2014 also part of Inhouse Industrial Design at Siemens Urban Mobility 2017 & 2018. From 2011 to 2017 enjoyed beeing part of Stukt GmbH (Interactive Media). Since 2006 partner/director at aws-designteam. Also working with inflo munich – Christoph Gredler and Sabotage Design – London.

Some work was exhibited in Europe and Asia, also some of it is awarded.