Ewald Neuhofer | Industrial Design


Ewald Neuhofer

I do Things.
I Collaborate.
I care about Questions.

Ideation, Userexperience, Productdesign, Technology and Softwaredesign are part of a holistic working process. Since 2016 working in collaboration with indicate.digital – Tanja Tomic. From 2011 to 2017 enjoying cooperation with Stukt GmbH (Interactive Media). Started collaboration with Siemens Urban Mobility in 2014 – part of Inhouse Industrial Design at Siemens Urban Mobility 2017 – 2018. Since 2006 partner/director at aws-designteam. Also working with inflo munich – Christoph Gredler and Sabotage Design – London.

Fields of work and their creations connecting Industrial-, Product-, Furniture-, Mediadesign & Generative Design. Drawing to modelbuilding as well as current approaches in methodology, Technology and Softwaredesign are part of an always evolving working process.
Details and their environment are as important as the experiment and free exploration of objects and their storys.

Some work was exhibited in Europe and Asia, also some of it is awarded.

Finished higher technical School of Machine Building and Construction, worked as engineer in Mould Design and Automation Technology. Started studying at University of Applied Arts Vienna (Industrial Design) in 2003 professorship Borek Sipek, Ross Lovegrove, Paolo Piva and Hartmut Esslinger. In 2008 visited the Class for Graphic Design and New Media Professor Oliver Kartak. Completed studys in Industrial Design 2009 with Diploma Project “Robotic Methamorphosis“.