X-Wagen – New Vienna Metro

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X-Wagen New Vienna Metro / Foto severinwurnig.com

Minimalism meets Sustainability

The Exterior Design is minimalistic and iconic. I developped a lot of concepts for exterior & interior together with Benjamin Albrecht. Finally a simple design was transporting the idea of Wiener Linien and fullfilling all requirements of the procurement process the most. So called Frugality was a parameter in all our decisions.

An overall lightweight construction is influencing every part in this vehicle. The recycling ratio is kept over 90 percent while maintaining a step forward in comfort and inclusion. A new Seat arrangement, better entry areas and an overall barrier-free interior will help maintaining future demands of urban transport.

Seats made out of wood and paper ? Yes.

Sheets of wood and high pressure laminate are shaping a unique interior. The dna of the brand is transformed in a simple an timeless design, while the known red & yellow colors scheme had to be part of the interior.

The entry situation is completly reorderd to avoid passerngers crowding next to the door areas. This is reducing passengers turnover time. A blue seat is placed next to every door, which is a signal to keep this seat extra for disabled passengers.


In a democratic participation process three uniquely developped seats where designed and created. Our Passengers where invited to sit & choose which ergonomic concept should be the way to go.
So called “Trigon” was making the run and finalized to fulfill every challenge an underground interior will face.

Passenger Information System Plus (PGI+) is part of the holistic and interdisciplinary working process, it is the first car worldwide wich is including this system, created in the early stages of this designprocess.

The process startet in 2014 including bidding documents & VR-presentation. While our research whe where inspired from an element repeated in our city – the “Otto-Wagner-Gitter”. This was influencing the project logo design used till today in every presetation.

The “X-Wagen” will be part of the rolling stock of Wiener Linien in upcoming decades . The trains are able to run fully automated (GOA6) on the new U5 but will also be able to work manually or semiautomated on existing lines.

Interior & Exterior Design
Benjamin Albrecht & Ewald Neuhofer
VR – Demo
Programmer Robert Hämmerle/Chris Bösch
Renderings Exterior
Tobias Schlorhaufer
Bidding Documents (From First to BestAndFinalOffer Stage)
Design Agency Strukt
Project Management Tanja Tomic
Iris Wieder
Special Thanks to the Team of Buchbinderei Flieger