Burner Pioneers

Burner Pioneers – Burner

Design for Burner Pioneers – circulating fluidized bed combustion PLUS energy production

Revolution in heating systems

Wooden pellet or biosolids – whatever Burner can take it will take.
The patented and worldwide uniquie innovation is combining a circulating fluidized bed combustion and sterling motor with a heating system for small and medium Households.
Burner is producing heat & energy while burning residue free and so this means sustainable power when you need it.

The design is based on a jewellery case, reflecting the value of the patented starting procedure. The golden ribbon is holding and dividing Burner in two parts – heat & energy. The Project is very fluid as it is a complete new product.

Within the designprocess the power Grid concept was also transformed into hierarchic slicing which is based on fast and easy maintenance.
The hole case is partially sliced into small pieces to guarantee a fast and easy maintenance.

Currently running prototype 8 and finalizing all fundings & investments the team of Burner Pioneers is looking forward to decentralize the powergrid adding another option to our need of susainable energy. We are awaiting VS1 (pre series 1) and finalizing every final step to come to the market.