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Bosch BHN

Posted in all by diepolklemme on December 12, 2016

Bosch BHN Bosch BHN Move – ReDesign/Facelift

In the design of the “Bosch BHN Move” the essence was captured and evolved into a new product while keeping development and production costs in mind.
It’s a mature and standalone product but still a member of the Bosch household product family.

Redesign means to work with a product’s history by keeping useful parts and established formal details.
It means to touch as less as possible and create as much impact as imaginable.
Reusing proven elements is not only a burden. It saves a significant amount of energy and effort in designing and machining new tools – what works is used and not thrown away.

Bosch BHN

redesign means keeping things

Client B/S/H
Product Designer Inhouse Helmut Kaiser, Daniel Dockner
Product Designer Matthias Ritschl, Ewald Neuhofer