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Vienna Therapy in New York City

Posted in design, processing by diepolklemme on July 22, 2016

Modelling and Technical Conception – Interactive Part of Viennatherapy installation in NYC

#viennatherapy.info, yes it´s Sigmund Freuds turn now. Exploring the subconcious in all its facettes and looking behind the curtain of a person was the topic in his work, so this was reflected in this interactive installation and also in a massive and wonderful sculpture by NYCHOS .

Reading the Brain by a brainscanner,  guiding the “e-wagen” through an abstract city model to one of the nine highligthed architectural hotspots lets subconcious decide where to go! Was great being a part of this huge team and getting things done.

#viennatherapy by vienna.info

Photocredits Gregor Hof Bauer

Client Vienna Tourism Board
Agency Jung von Matt/Donau
Design Agency Strukt
Project Manager  Thomas Hitthaler
Product Designer Ewald Neuhofer
Hardware Manufacturing NYC tba
Programmer Robert Hämmerle/Chris Bösch

made with Processing and vvvv