Tyrolia – Attack²

with aws design, redesign of Tyrolia Attack Freestyle Binding

All Tyrolia Freeride/Freestyle and Touring bindings are formally connected through its “Frame”. The Tyrolia Attack² keeps this element it is framing the window,  while the second Frame layer is hidden – this creates a very big eye catching space for graphic at the most prominent spot.

The Attack² is continously adopting to all Alpine Boots, it is combining all new Alpine Norms (Grip Walk, Alpin, Walk to Ride etc.) while keeping the stand height very low.

Ewald Neuhofer
Ewald Neuhofer

Tyrolia Attack² Iso

Tyrolia Attack² IsoBlack

Tyrolia Attack² Hardedge Modelling an earlier prototype, a moment while refining proportion, edges and the overall design – we love the workshop…

Tyrolia Attack² Top

Client/ Tyrolia
Technical Product Conception/ Tyrolia Inhouse R&D
Product Designer/ Adam Wehsely-Swicinsky, Ewald Neuhofer