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Vienna Boys Choir – Interactive Sound Installation Paris/Tokyo

Posted in design, processing by diepolklemme on May 4, 2012

Designing and programming a floor keyboard that plays voices of the Vienna Boys’ choir in paris and tokyo
The idea was to trigger the voices of the boys and classical audio tracks by using an interactive keyboard lying on the floor. This was the task in designing the hardware, due the difficult location of the very crowded Gare Saint Lazare subway station in Paris it had to be very robust.

The basic frame is made of powder coated aluminium while the keys are corian with acrylic inlays. The inlays are translucent by triggering the sound the LEDs illuminate the pressed key. Working with very small sheet switches gave me the opportunity to avoid moving parts and hinges to keep it as flat as possible. The software design had to be very stabile too, i´ve chosen processing to be the right programming language. The key issue was to trigger the right song when the first notes where played.

Due to the big success in Paris the same installation will be shipped to Tokyo standing in front of Suntory Hall, one of the most renowned concert halls in the world.

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Client Vienna Tourism Board
Agency Jung von Matt/Donau
Design Agency Strukt
Project Manager Strukt Tanja Tomic and Thomas Hitthaler
Product Designer Ewald Neuhofer
Hardware Manufacturing INDAT
Programmer Ewald Neuhofer
Sound Editing Gernot Ottowitz

made with Processing and Arduino