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Posted in design by diepolklemme on January 20, 2012

Interactive shop finding Terminal including 3d wayfinding system
The shopping mall „Shopping City Süd“ located south of Vienna had to provide interactive shop finding terminals to their customers, makeing shopping experience more convenient. The competition for this project was won by design agency Strukt. I was asked to participate in the project and contribute the hardware design.

There are some key aspects that had to be considered during the design process. It has to fit in the new interior design of the mall, which will be realized step by step during the next two years. It has to allow a barrier-free use of the integrated 42“ touchscreen and match the graphic design of the software.

To fulfill these requirements I decided to work with round shapes and use corian as basic material. It has soft haptic feeling, which is important to an object, meant to be touched while it is used. While navigating through the software, people are always tempted to lean on the corian body. To make the terminal more visible in the mall environment the translucent character of the corian enhanced the appearance with some soft lighting effects.

white version colorupdate – corian, interface, silicon and adhesives well balanced together (fotocredits © Gregor Hofbauer)

white/black series – black silcon embeds the black interface to white corian

video short from strukt, showing software and hardware

first installation at scs from INDAT

Client Unibail-Rodamco/SCS
Agency Strukt
Project Management Tanja Tomic
Product Designer Ewald Neuhofer
Hardware Manufacturing INDAT
Programmer CADS