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Unibail-Rodamco|SCS – 3d Interface Design

Posted in design by diepolklemme on January 19, 2012

3d interface design and 3d data management

connecting the interface design of strukt to the 3d map and floorplans; the design keeps it simple and the focus is kept to the user and the orientation inside the shopping mall, all animations and wayfinding points do have a minimalistic approach, the information at the end is graphically short and simple translated to the user


overview with target

nearer environment

reduced indoor

park deck as target

wayfinding fade in

Client Unibail-Rodamco/SCS
Project Manager Tanja Tomic
Product Designer Ewald Neuhofer
Interface Design 3D Barbara Mozdyniewicz/Ewald Neuhofer
Interface Design 2D Phillip Lehmann
Hardware Manufacturing INDAT
Programmer CADS