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Copyleft – Copyright | Vienna Design Week

Posted in concept, design by diepolklemme on October 18, 2011

conceptual work at viennadesignweek with Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky
The debate about copy(right) and inspiration has gone public, discussion happens in blogs and postings. Is there a mere possibility for designers, flooded by images through various media, to avoid “subconscious influences” ? We putted Ernstl and Iris(recent furniture designs/prototypes), up to public discussion. Public blog comments and critics, where milled into relevant details of the prototypes creating a “reference directory”.

whe where invited to present our concept while viennadesignweek 2011. the topic copyright – copyleft, between inspiration and ripoff inspired us to discuss and talk digital and analog with a lot of different people. thx. concept and all information here http://awsdesignteam.wordpress.com/ thx to soybot for the communication concept

Copyright -Design between inspiration and rip-off! curated by Erwin K. Bauer.