Copyleft – Copyright | Vienna Design Week

conceptual work at viennadesignweek with Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky

copyright – copyleft, between inspiration and ripoff

The debate about copy(right) and inspiration has gone public, discussion happens in blogs and postings. Is there a mere possibility for designers, flooded by images through various media, to avoid “subconscious influences” ?
We putted Ernstl and Iris(recent furniture designs/prototypes), up to public discussion. Public blog comments and critics, where milled into relevant details of the prototypes creating a “reference directory”.
The milling was done by our DIY CNC milling machine “Milli wan i will” (means “just milling when i´m interested”).

Whe where invited to present our concept while viennadesignweek 2011. the topic copyright – copyleft, between inspiration and ripoff inspired us to discuss and talk digital and analog with a lot of different people. thx. concept and all information here thx to soybot for the communication concept

Copyright -Design between inspiration and rip-off! curated by Erwin K. Bauer.

Blogpost´s directly milled into our Prototypes

“hi Ernst-Chair, where did your designer steal the inspiration from?”

“he come on, this is not your business, look at yourself where are your details from!”

The communication conept was done by Soybot, also exhibiting at Vienna Design Week. Soybut was dealing with the “Free logo design for everybody without paying anycent”-thing… because our project was so boring ( Fad ) the made this boringness to our Brand DNA.